Relax your body and your mind
Eliminate stress and its effects from your life
Improve your memory and Stay positive
Utilize both brain hemispheres equally
Take control of your mind and as a result take control of your life
Learn ways to solve problems using the creative genius within
Re-enable your psychic powers and ESP abilities

In this two and half day seminar, you will learn techniques to:

         Relax your body and your mind

         Eliminate stress and its effects in your life

         Improve your memory

         Stay positive

         Utilize both brain hemispheres equally

         Take control of your mind and as a result take control of your life

         Learn ways to solve problems using the creative genius within

         Re-enable your psychic powers and ESP abilities to act as the clairvoyants that you are intended to be.

The Silva Method is the original mind development program where you can learn to actually use the untapped power of your mind to accomplish whatever you desire.  The Silva Method has been in existence for 58 years now, and is taught in 109 nations across the globe, in 30 languages, with well over 15 million people using it in their daily lives.


It has been said that Einstein used only 10% of his mind, and the general public uses 3% or 4%. And that's what the Silva Method is all about: learning to use more of your mind in a more effective manner.


Students report simple things like: stop smoking, fall asleep without drugs and wake up without clocks, relieve nervousness, stop excessive drinking, memorize long lists, and improve creativity - to more sophisticated things like develop ESP and use dreams to solve problems and detect information that helps to solve problems.


You will learn these during Silva Method 101/202:


         Alpha Functioning Learn to function at the powerful alpha brain wave level where you can learn to use both brain hemispheres to think with like a genius, instead of just one, the way most people do.

         Positive Thinking - Learn to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude no matter what the circumstances around you.

         Relaxation - Learn to relax and relieve tension and stress, which will help you stay healthier and more productive so that you can enjoy life more.

         Sleep Control - Learn to go to sleep without drugs and their undesirable side effects, and wake up refreshed and feeling fine.

         To Awake Control - Learn to awaken without an alarm clock.

         Awake Control - Learn to awaken and be alert longer so that you can get more done when necessary.

         Dream Control - Learn to remember dreams and use them to get information to solve problems.

         Headache Control - Through headache control you will learn to relieve tension and migraine headaches without drugs and their undesirable side effects.

         Mental Screen - The Mental screen will help you to set and achieve your goals, and function better in the mental dimension.

         Memory Pegs - Memory Pegs will help you to improve visualization, imagination and memory.

         The Three Fingers Technique - Learn to tap into the genius within and awaken it to do instant decision-making and problem solving.

         Mirror of the Mind - Learn to program yourself for success.

         Glass of Water Technique - Learn to use the Glass of Water Technique to help you get information and make decisions.

         Weight and Habit Control - Learn ways to reduce weight and eliminate unwanted habits out of your life.

         Glove Anesthesia - Learn to remove pain, stop bleeding instantly using the powers of your mind.


During Silva Method 303/404 you learn these additional techniques:

         The sole function of this segment is developing your ESP skills.

         You will be establishing subjective points of reference for the development of intuition and ESP.

         By the end of the class, you will have proven to yourself that indeed you have acquired access to this vast knowledge base (Superconscious) for problem solving.


Upon successful completion of this class, you will earn a certificate from the Silva International, which entitles you to "free, repeat for life privileges" of the entire Silva Method 101/202/303/404 anywhere around the vast globe of ours.


For more information on the Silva Method, check out web site


Thank you for your interest in improving your life and the lives of others around you. May the rest of your life be the best of your life.  Have a better and better day.


Here's some feedback from students who have taken this class:


"Tremendous Potential in the Silva Method to reduce stress in the workplace as well as everyday life.  The depth and breadth of knowledge that Kain Samiya has is paramount to the success of this class.  I believe that this should be a core class for all to take..." Eric K.


"This has been wonderful.  This has really provided me with the tools and the context that I have needed to do the work I have been seeking to do.  This is the best investment in my happy happy future I have ever made - Thank you very much - Wonderful things touch your life and family" Laura U.


"Kain is an outstanding instructor.  He brought the material to life, explained it so well, and let checkup reviews periodically to make sure we'd gotten it.  Thank you, Kain" Bettye W.


"I definitely learned I could go further and accomplish more than I expected.  I was most excited at the end..."


"Very exciting experience.  Feel that I now have the tools to utilize and expand on my gifts from God.  Kain Was GREAT!!  Better and Better" Teresa W.


"The class was excellent.  Kain's understanding and commitment to Silva helps to make the course valuable.  He provides you with many examples of how to implement the processes in your life." Kate N.


"The class was very enlightening, a definite eye opener.  I did very much enjoy all aspects of the class." Mike S.


"Overall was impressed by material and information.  I am much more relaxed.  My experience was very positive.  I have the knowledge to get better and better everyday." David G.


"The content of the course was concrete enough to explain the abstract concepts. Going into alpha state of mind helps me to "prepare the way".  I realize life isn't magic, and I now know that the spiritual part of me really is empowering - so, life seems at times to be magical." Woody O.


"Absolutely wonderful and inspiring" Pam V.


"Was very surprised at the ease and depth of the experiential learning.  Kain is an excellent instructor." Robert W.


"Interesting info.  Limitless possibilities." Gwen T.